Supporting ESSENTIAL Foundation Skills in the Early Years

Early Childhood Essentials is a private teaching platform designed for the “developmental” learning needs of young children from 3 – 8 years of age. Teaching & learning in the early years includes support in the following areas; social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative. These developmental areas overlap and are integrated to optimise each child’s growth and development. No one need will stand in isolation of all the others. My teaching pedagogy is inclusive of all areas of each child’s individual development, the whole child.


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A qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educator…


To support & secure Early Learning Foundation Skills as reading & writing skills develop BEFORE formal education.

My Beliefs

My heart has always been with young children; listening to them, guiding them, supporting them to reach their own potential, whatever that may be and by whatever means is needed. Every child should be accepted for who they are in terms of their development and this rings true even more so for young children who are learning how to navigate their own little place in the world . They look to us for guidance, recognition, attention, validation and most importantly “unconditional love” as they instinctively can feel who genuinely cares about them. I value immensely the importance of my role in supporting their learning needs as the outcome will leave an imprint for the rest of their lives – in all areas of their lives!

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How Young Children Learn

Tell Me, I Forget; Show Me, I Remember; Involve Me and I Understand!

Young children acquire a new language naturally. For them, language learning is not difficult. Language emphasis in the Early Years is about listening and speaking through direct best practice in child development principles for learning to be effective.

Children who learn a new language at a young age will have better pronunciation and develop confidence within the culture of the learning language. Young children learn through play, this is my approach, holistic and hands-on experiences that are inquiry in nature.

My teaching focus is on the process rather than the end product and I will always consider a child’s individual needs and learning style.

My Focus

  • English Language Acquisition
  • Literacy Development
  • Self-Regulation
  • Listening & Speaking
  • Comprehension
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Improved Attention Span
  • Pressure-Free Learning Environment
  • Emphasis on a positive & healthy self-image

Benefits for your child include

  • A qualified Early Childhood Educator who understands how young children learn.
  • Teaching & Learning that is in alignment with best practice in Early Childhood
  • A Teaching Approach that is Developmentally Appropriate & will Foster Academic Potential
  • An Inquiry Teaching Model that Engages Children in their Learning

“Debi understands the learning needs of preschool children. She is particularly adept at igniting young students’ passion for learning by helping them make the connections they need to better understand the world and their important place in it.”

-- Vice Principal, International School