The goal of Early Childhood English is to provide a language-enriched, developmentally appropriate, language learning environment for your child, with the emphasis on speaking and listening. 


Yes, we believe in play - for this is a young child's work and how they learn. When children are actively involved in their learning, they will demonstrate increased enthusiasm, resulting in the emergence of a positive sense of self. This healthy development of a positive self-esteem will improve their confidence and impact their educational success in later years. Strong foundation skills are critical to success in the later learning years.


Each child is unique and develops at varying rates and levels. With this in mind, we have developed a curriculum that can be adapted to meet your child's individual stages of development. This will be determined after an initial assessment visit.




Our approach is hands-on and engaging. We aim to increase your child's comfort level and familiarity with the English language by exploring a variety of topics/units that are developmentally appropriate. Once your child's knowledge base has expanded, we will incorporate letter and sound recognition (pre-phonics) with whole language. When we have determined your child is ready, we will then progress to a comprehensive formal phonics/reading program. Our focus is always on strengthening a child's foundation skills with listening and speaking as a priority.


Only when working together can we provide the best possible learning environment for your child - we both know they deserve it!




One-to-One classes that are activity-based, interactive and fun! Our curriculum includes a customized early childhood pre-phonics program for 3-4 year olds, a formal phonics program for 4-5 year olds, and for both age groups, a formal letter writing program will be incorporated. Stories are a big component of our approach as well as story/book/journal writing.

For 6-8 years of age, the emphasis is on whole language learning, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, critical thinking skills and improved communication skills. This will lead to strong readers and writers.

These are all introduced through a variety of stimulating, interactive, and challenging lesson plans that captures each child's imagination and retains their interest.


Monday - Saturday


*Please note that we require:

·      a minimum of 90 minutes per session, and

·      a minimum of 4 sessions per month.

**Small group classes (3-4 children) can be arranged at non-peak times.**



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