Early Childhood Essentials is headed by Ms. Debi Lomax Li.

Debi Lomax Li is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Early Childhood Essentials.

Debi is an Early Childhood Specialist with 40+ years of experience spanning 3 countries, (Canada, USA, Hong Kong). She is a qualified, registered Kindergarten Principal and teacher. Her expertise is in Kindergarten management, school leadership,  parenting skills training and teacher training.

Throughout her career in Canada, the USA, and Hong Kong, Debi has held a variety of administrative positions that have required both leadership and effective staff management.

Soon after graduating from college, she owned and operated a small childcare center in her home of Canada. Aside from teaching she managed all aspects of the operation from staff development to maintaining the financial health of the operation. This opportunity provided her with the platform to transition her career into one which held a higher profile; first as Day Care Director within the operations of the municipal government to that of a Day Care Consultant with the provincial government. In that role, she had the responsibility of providing training and support to child care operators within the province. This accumulated experience served her well in securing further leadership roles upon moving to Hong Kong with her family in 1992.     

Her last leadership position was as Principal of one of Hong Kong's most well- known international preschools, a post she held until 2010. Following her work as an Early Childhood Educator at a leading international school (where extensive experience was gained working within the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program), Debi now is in demand as a private teacher.

Debi's passion has always been in advocating quality care for young children through developmentally appropriate practice and ongoing professional development. Through her company, Early Childhood Essentials, she aims to reach more teachers, families, and schools by providing consultancy and resource services to assist in improving the quality of care for young children everywhere.

Contact Debi today to find out Early Childhood Essentials can support your child in reaching their learning potential.